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Madam Saffron's Spice Horoscopes

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming at times, but never fear, our on staff clairvoyant, Madam Saffron, is here to help!

After consulting the stars and the spirits of this world & the next she has put together a cheat sheet of what spice blend to buy for everyone on your list according to their sign!


For a blend that will satiate this ambitious sign why not try Vanilla Bean Sugar. There is a recipe for Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream on the back that is sure to appeal to the overachieving nature of this individual!


It's better to not get too crazy on Taurus, so keep it simple and straightforward with our African 5 & Sel Gris Blend. This blend sounds fancy but it's just an extra flavorful salt & pepper blend! Perfect for this practical yet sometimes stubborn & unyielding sign.


Glühwein is the perfect holiday blend for a fun loving Gemini. Combine it with a cheap bottle of red wine and you're basically handing them a starter kit for a good time!


Mulling Spices are the perfect gift for thoughtful Cancer. It's a gift they'll be able to share with their closest friends and family!


Always looking to be the best, Cocoa Nib Rub is the perfect blend for confident Leo. Meats or veggies shine with this blend and will make the Leo the talk of the town at the next potluck! 


Simple and delicious, Oikogeneia is the perfect blend for hardworking Virgo. All work and no play can wear Virgo down, so perhaps instead of giving them the blend itself, invite them over for a home cooked meal of roasted Greek chicken and potatoes!


Mulling Spices are a great holiday blend for peaceful Libra. They can use them to awaken memories of holidays past at their next social gathering, the calming smell of hot cider will meld perfectly with their chill character.


Garam Masala is the blend for Scorpio this month. Roasted & ground in small batches it has the fresh flavor of India that will satisfy Scorpio's constant search for truth.


Any of our more exotic blends are perfect for playful Sagittarius. Perhaps Ras el Hanout would be the best this month. With a variety of ingredients this blend is a truly beguiling mix that is sure to fascinate this ever curious sign.


Grab a little Everything blend for the Capricorn on your list. Basic yet beautiful, this blend comes with a recipe for focaccia which is sure to delight this disciplined sign.


Berbere is the perfect blend for independent Aquarius. Notoriously terrible about hiding from their emotions, this blender's subtle warmth is sure to loosen them up and make them fall head-over-heels in love.


Garam Masala is the perfect blend for dreamy Pisces. All about flavor, this blend will be compatible with this sign's compassionate & artistic nature.


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