Spiced Sea Salt | Charleston Spice Company hand-blended organic herbs & spices Charleston SC
Charleston Spice Company | hand-blended organic herbs & spices | Charleston SC

Are your products gluten free?

YES! We hand blend everything and we don't put any fillers or preservatives into our blends so you don't need to worry about any of that pesky gluten!

Are any of your blends salt-free?

Why, yes, thanks for asking! Click HERE for all our salt-free blends!

Do y'all use MSG or Accent?

Nope, we sure don't. Because we hand blend everything in small batches and use the highest quality herbs & spices our blends don't need any flavor enhancing nonsense. 

Are y'all in any stores?

We sure are! You can find our top 10 blends as well as some seasonal favorites at Sweetgrass Mercantile 3008 N Hwy 17, Mount Pleasant AND at Fields Farm Store 3129 River Road, Johns Island! Not only can you find our spices you can find other tasty local goodness at both these stores!

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with your order give us a call {843.830.1546} or email us {info@charlestonspice.com} and let us know what you're unhappy with. If you haven't opened your items you are welcome to return them to us at your own expense. We'll refund your money for those items but not the original shipping fee. 

What's your story?

Let's say you're in the store looking for a new blend to spice up dinner tonight. You pick up an intriguing blend to look at the ingredients, they look something like this: "salt, paprika, pepper, spices".


You think, "uh, I know there are spices, it's a spice blend, so what are they??"


With our blends you never have to wonder what "spices" you're putting into your body. We hand blend our organic herbs and spices in small batches so that you know you are just get the ingredients you see on the back (and we put them all on the back). We founded this company to make it easier for you to find fresh and tasty blends that will enhance your food and your life.

The Charleston Spice Company was founded in 2009 by Garnette Tuten and Jeremy DiAsio. You could say that it started long before that in Peru where Garnette was exposed to new cultures and flavours that came to define her palate as much as her Southern upbringing. Both Jeremy and Garnette have strong roots in the South but each had a desire to explore and expand their culinary worlds. Looking to share this joy of culinary exploration with the people of Charleston they started selling their blends at the Summerville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Over the years they gradually added more markets and more blends to the line up. 


In 2013 Jeremy left the company to continue with the next chapter of his life with his husband in Washington DC. Garnette's daughter, Caitlin, joined the team and has worked on growing the company's online and social media presence. Together Garnette and Caitlin continue to experiment and explore new and interesting ways to use herbs and spices.