We love weddings and events.

We love all the details that go into creating memories that will last a lifetime; the monogramed paper towel holders in the bathroom, the signature drinks, the band that knows all your favorite songs, the food, the laughter, the dancing, the flowers. All of it. We love all of it. 

















But if all of these little 'in the moment' things don't make a lasting impression, the party favors are your last chance to continually remind your guests of the great time they had.


This is where we can help. We'll give your event a lasting impression with personalized spice blends for favors! Everytime they use your personalized blend they will think back to your event and think, shoot, that was great! So pick your favorite blend from our list of blends or let us create a new unique blend just for you!


Here's some general pricing to keep in mind, these are flexible, there are so many combinations and options, we want to help you create the perfect gift for your event so after you read this give us a call and let's talk about your hopes and dreams!

There are two size options for our bags: a 3x5 "sample" size (pictured above) and our standard market size 4x6 bag (that's the bag you'll find at the market).

The weights of the bags will vary depending on the blend but the prices are set as follows:

3x5 bags are $3.00.

4x6 bags are $6.00.

Orders of 50 to 99 bags receive a 15% discount. Orders of 100 to 249 bags receive a 20% discount. Orders of 250 bags or more receive a 25% discount.

Most 4x6 bags come with a recipe on the back. If you'd like to customize that to a recipe you love or perhaps change it to a poem or a note from you that is a fun option! If you'd like to take your gifts to the next level we can attach 

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