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We first made this blend for steaks and grilling, the sugar in the blend tends to caramelize and the cacao nibs give you a roasted nutty flavor.

Since it's creation we have tried this blend on pretty much everything from salmon & tuna steaks to pumpkin soup! But the real game changer for this blend came when we tried it on roasted brussels sprouts!!!! It's now a go-to blend that we can't live without.

This blend is perfect for every person on your shopping list. We're not kidding, vegetarians and meat lovers alike, the adventurous cooks and the scaredy cats, if they use this blend they can't go wrong.


Fun fact: The 2.0 oz bag of this blend comes with a recipe for Roasted Veggies!

cane sugar, cacao nibs, sea salt, chipotle chili pepper, cumin, red chili flakes, smoked paprika, mustard, allspice

Cocoa Nib Rub


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