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Charleston Spice Company | hand-blended organic herbs & spices | Charleston SC

Caitlin cannot live without these blends.

She uses at least one of these blends at least once a day.

This gift set is perfect for the person who likes things a little spicy and isn't afraid to walk on the wild side.


The blends:

Durango BBQ



Cocoa Nib Rub


Want it wrapped? Awesome, we put this powerhouse set of blends in a lovely basket that adds a real wow factor to your gift!


Don't want the basket? That's okay, simply pick the "no, thanks" option when we ask if you want the basket.


Want to add a note? Simply write your note in the comments and we’ll make sure to slip it in with the gift! Be sure to sign your name so they know who is sending them this sweet gift ;)

Caitlin's Favorites: the basket


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