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Craic (pronounced crack) an Irish word that is often used to describe good times and general merriment. "What's the craic?" is a way to say how's it goin? If you asked "Is there any craic?" at a party, you'd be asking if there's anything exciting and fun happening. 


This blend will always lead to a good time! When we started making it we were trying to make a blend for popcorn but then we kept putting it on other things! We used it as a glass rimmer for margs, we threw it on grilled corn, we sprinkled a little onto our scrambled eggs, and the list of uses goes on!


Anyway we kept the name cuz we thought it was silly but don't let the name fool ya, this blend is perfect for more than just popcorn!


Organic* Ingredients:

flake sea salt, chimayo pepper*, garlic*, cane sugar*, anaheim pepper*, ancho pepper*, onion*, paprika*, lemon peel*

Popcorn Craic


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