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This classic lowcountry dish is always a big hit when all the family comes together for the holidays! Potatoes, corn, sausages, onions, and shrimp, boiled up and thrown onto the table. It's the perfect dish because everyone can find something they like in that mix.

It's also easy to tailor to your crowd -- if you've got a vegetarian in the bunch, you can boil up a separate pot with cauliflower instead of sausage and shrimp! Or if you've got meat lovers, throw in a couple different types of sausage to make things interesting.

The 2.0 oz bag comes with a recipe and is enough for two gallons of water (and one gallon of water is enough for your biggest pot to be filled to the brim!). But don't feel like you have to use this blend just for Frogmore Stew, it's great for poached salmon, a crab boil, & even pickling!!

mustard seeds, tellicherry peppercorns, coriander, caraway, smoked paprika, cloves, allspice, chipotle chili pepper, dill seed, bay leaves

Frogmore Stew


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