All of these blends are FABULOUS on veggies. Roast 'em, fry 'em, stick 'em in a stew, whatever you do it's going to be amazing with these blends.

The Basic Option (picture 1)

2.0 oz bag of Grill Seasoning (with recipe)

2.0 oz bag of Durango BBQ (with recipe)

2.0 oz bag of Garam Masala (with recipe)

2.0 oz bag of Cocoa Nib Rub (with recipe)

2.0 oz bag of Harissa (with recipe)


The Deluxe Option (picture 2)


2.0 oz jar of Grill Seasoning

2.5 oz jar of Durango BBQ

2.0 oz jar of Garam Masala

2.5 oz jar of Cocoa Nib Rub

2.0 oz jar of Harissa

for the VEGGIE lovers

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